Lightning up the Basement

Lightning up the BasementGod created this Universe saying “Let there be Light” and light there was. Our ancestors and forefathers lived on the land and then recently they built high-rise buildings to live in. The next generation, on the other hand, due to scarcity of space around them, has started digging deeper. They have started moving underground. Instead of building risky skyscrapers, they are making their homes in the basements. Although such homes are considered safe from earthquakes and are a shelter during wartimes, they pose a problem – lack of sunlight. A very vital component of our body Vitamin D comes from the sunlight. In these basements, it is nowhere to be found.

Basements for Less have been in the business of providing its clients with basements that are furnished according to the needs of the clients.To create a feeling as if you were living on a ground floor with ample sunlight surrounding you, Basements for Less suggests the following tips and tricks:

  1. Light Wells: Vertical light is the most effective form of light, and can illuminate your basement like nothing else. It would be a good practice to design multiple light wells that peek into your basement and throw in a lot of sunshine. The size of the light wells can vary right from a window-size to a whole roof-panel.
  2. Terraces: If you have space, it’s a good idea to add a terrace to your basement. Adding glazed doors can provide extra light as well as providing your own entry to the basement. It will also help with perspective to have a view of the garden from the basement, adding to the sense of light and space.
  3. Extend Ceilings: Another way to steal some light is by increasing the ceiling height of the basement. This will allow you to have doors with a bigger height and eventually lead some light into your rooms.
  4. Glazed Staircase: Glazed staircases from within the basement to the floor above can also ensure adequate flow of natural light into the basement. Toughened glass on the stairs can also help increase the amount of natural light flowing into the basement.
  5. Glazed Floors: A glazed floor in the room above is a great idea to illuminate the basement with natural light. For optimum effect place glazed floors under roof lights or windows. The glass must be toughened with glass and certified for fire protection.
  6. Sun Pipes: If garden space is important, a sun pipe can be installed that does the same job as light well but without the views. This is basically a metal pipe absorbing the sunlight and redirecting this straight into the cellar, giving you a dark glow of sunshine.

Summarizing It

There are various interior design methods that you can use to improve the feeling of natural light in your basement. Using plenty of mirrors, facing them to open windows and other natural sources of light to replicate the light already in place are just a few of those DIY techniques. Incorporating shiny surfaces and painting the walls with bright colours are also techniques that you can employ to bring in the light into your home hidden in the basement