Why renovate your basement?

Why Renovate Your Basement?

A basement renovation done right will increase your homes value and create more livable or usable space! Increase the enjoyment of your basement space, and/or make your space more functional! Increase your storage space, add additional bathrooms, even earn income by converting your space into a livable apartment you can rent out! Basement apartments have become especially popular in the Toronto region due to the high demand for apartments and high cost of ownership. A basement apartment can make your property way more profitable whether you are living there or using it as a rental property. Let’s get connected and discus the details of your project – and what a basement renovation can add to your property!

Legal Basement Requirements

Here are some of the Ontario requirements you must meet to own a legal basement apartment

Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting

Depending on the space size your apartment must meet the window requirements. A general room is 5% of the living floor area

Minimum ceiling height

Minimum Ceiling Height

All basement apartments need to be at least 1.95 meters of ceiling height

145 Square Feet Living Space

145 Square Feet Living Space

All apartments require at least 145 square feet of livable space for tentants

Water, Separate Sinks & Laundry

Water, Separate Sinks & Laundry

Your apartment requires hot/cold water, a kitchen sink and regulatr sink, and access to laundry

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